Unveiling the Futuristic Design: A Journey into the Ambitious World of Scientific Innovation

Unveiling the Futuristic Design: A Journey into the Ambitious World of Scientific Innovation

“A Spaceship has just landed in a boring virgin forest! … ” as though something out of this world has landed on earth and is disturbing the peace. “How’s that for disruption?” A tongue-in-cheek expression concept for a corporation that funds innovative and exciting ideas of startups. ‘Disruptive’ but improving the lives of humans on this planet! office interior design

Reception and General Office Areas

Office Interior Design

The curved site has two floors with a mezzanine. We lay out the investor company on the upper floors and the startup companies on the lower floor. As though a parent is overlooking a child while not hindering its growth and allowing it to explore under its care.

The reception area on the lower floor welcomes visitors with a canopy of greenery on the ceiling and dynamic floor patterns with a fierce metallic black spaceship with light that seems to suggest ‘just arrived’ and landed in a virgin forest, contrasting to the rest of the interior, illuminated by rounded light fixtures reminiscent of UFOs on the ceiling.

The reception area, a gateway to the visionary workspace, boasts biophilic design with abundant greenery. Angular meeting rooms evoke spaceships, while a strikingly fierce angular counter completes the look.
Towering trees accentuate the verticality of the bright space shielding the users below it fostering a nurturing environment . Biophilic design elements merge nature with the user, promoting well-being and productivity. office interior design

Main Office and Boardrooms

As the view of the dramatic staircase away from the main entrance, we line the stairs with greenery to bring attention to the upper floor as one walks along it. As you ascend to the upper floor, the collaborative stairs serve as a connector between the floors for brainstorming and collaboration, adorned with lush plants and vibrant cushions for added comfort.


Office Interior Design
An inviting pantry area with open sofa booths for meals and impromptu meetings. More angular meeting rooms fashioned like a mother craft await, providing the perfect setting for ‘judgment day’ for one’s innovation.

Office Aesthetics

This office boasts an open and industrial vibe with exposed ceilings, unblocked stairs, and pops of nature through green walls and planters. Natural and industrial elements blend seamlessly with materials like wood laminate and concrete paint. It’s a space designed to spark innovation and collaboration, a breeding ground for groundbreaking ideas.

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