DesignDesigning a glamorous kitchen

Designing a glamorous kitchen

Designing a glamorous kitchen begins with the birth of your concept through discussions with your professional interior designers. Then comes selecting the right materials, colors, accessories and customising the layout of your space.

We are sure you would agree with us that we believe the heart of the home is its kitchen. A kitchen is where people gather and connect with each other through food. It drives social engagement when you have visitors present. A kitchen is also a hub for many other activities such as cooking with your loved ones and simple chores such as washing your dishes.

Creating your dream and glamorous kitchen with these steps:

Work with professional interior designers


Designing your dream kitchen is not something you’d want to take on, on your own as it can get complex. Designing a glamorous and highly functioning kitchen for your lifestyle involves a lot of decision-making and considerations whilst still having to think about making it aesthetically appealing.

Working with professional interior designers allows you to have peace of mind as they come with the expertise and experience in designing a space that meets your needs, preferences, and budget. On top of that, they come with abundant access to resources, and are able to help manage your budget and customise your space the way you want it to through their critical thinking skills.

Determine the main function of your kitchen


Determining the main function of your kitchen is essential as it helps ensure that it is designed according to your needs and lifestyle. While you may plan to use your kitchen purely for cooking, others might find that they’d only like to use their kitchen space for entertaining guests. Once this is determined, you are then able to set priorities for the space. An individual whose main purpose is to cook in the kitchen and who is an avid cooker would definitely prioritise sufficient kitchen counter space compared to someone who doesn’t cook as often. The same concept applies to storage spaces as you plan your kitchen.

Play with stones / sintered surfaces

One of the biggest focal points of a kitchen would be the material of its countertops/islands/dining tables. A glamorous kitchen utilises stones or sintered surfaces that now come in a huge range of designs and colors.

Why stones?
Stones are a preferred material for kitchen countertops because of their all-natural unique beauty and strength. It is an excellent and functional beauty for every kitchen. Stones are not only durable, they also have a higher resale value and are sustainably sourced.

Why sintered surfaces?

Sintered surfaces are increasingly popular as kitchen countertops as it is resistant to stains, UV light, and even scratches. It is also eco-friendly as it is made from natural materials and is 100% recyclable.

Careful selection of materials and textures


The selection of materials and textures throughout your kitchen is important in wanting to achieve a glamorous look. Here are a few suggestions of materials/textures you can use:

Rich textures: This includes faux fur, silk, or velvet. This texture can be used for the pillows and cushions in your dining space.
Brass and gold: They are the touch of glamor you would need in your kitchen space. They can be used for your hardware, faucets, lighting fixtures, and even accessories such as your utensils.
Glass: They create a sophisticated and expensive look and can be used in places such as your backsplash and cabinet doors.
High gloss finishes: Cabinets can have high-gloss finishes as it reflects light creating a polished and glamorous look.

Identify a focal point to highlight


Storage & displays are another way to achieve a glamorous kitchen. Fine bone china is a classic and elegant material that can add a touch of glamour to any kitchen. One of the best ways to display your fine bone china would be with a Buffet Hutch.

Elevate the look of your kitchen by incorporating a generously sized countertop made of high-end materials like marble, granite, or quartz to add a touch of luxury to the space.

Patterned sliding glass doors are a simple way to connect with your guests without disturbing them with fumes and smell as you cook or prepare their food. It enables them to look into your glamorous kitchen easily. The door will provide a unique texture and visual interest for guests and also create openness.

Snack Bars that are designed well can make a kitchen glamorous. It may be constructed from premium materials like granite, marble, or quartz, which elevate the room’s opulence. The snack bar is also an opportunity to showcase your stylish water dispenser, teapots, a jar of snacks, and more. Think of a hotel bar.

At AR-kee design studio, we design glamorous kitchens and spaces that not only look amazing but are functional for you and your family. We believe in designing spaces with a story unique to you. Find out more about how we can help you build the home of your dreams by getting in touch with us.