DesignWhy You Should Never Ask For Free Designs

Why You Should Never Ask For Free Designs

Say NO to free designs #nofreedesign

The disturbing truth that is taking place in today’s day and age would be how we feel entitled to free designs by professional interior designers. Professionally trained interior designers have undergone intensive education and spent time and money to be certified as one.

A snapshot of their lives would include:

  • Spending 4 to 6 years to complete their studies
  • Spending anywhere between SGD20,000 – SGD40,000 to obtain their certificates
  • Sacrificing days and nights studying and prepping for their examinations and projects

This does not include other considerations such as travel time to school, cost of design platforms, stationeries, and more.


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Just like other qualified professionals who charge service fees for their expertise, such as architects, teachers, doctors, and pharmacists – similarly, shouldn’t interior designers charge design fees for their design work?

A lack of understanding of the role and value of interior designers is the main reason why they are undervalued and overlooked. This leads to clients questioning the need to pay a professional fee for interior designers. What clients fail to see is that interior designers are just like your other qualified professionals. Interior designers are experts in their field who spend their time and effort on each project they undertake. They bring creativity with them that develops unique and innovative design solutions for you. They are highly skilled and creative in this space and this justifies the professional fee that comes with it.

Designers should receive reasonable design fees to compensate for their time and design services. Today, we are still meeting with clients who are requesting for us to waive our design fees or discount them. The common assumption is that design fees should be part of the renovation cost instead of an additional separate charge. This expectation likens getting medical treatment without paying doctor fees.

Yet, today we are still meeting with clients who are requesting for us to waive our design fees or discount them.


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Professional design fees are charged in addition to the build cost. Design fees are calculated based on the project size and complexity of the requirements. This is standard practice across the industry for professional interior designers.

What clients often do not realise is the fact that designing is not purely aesthetics. Aesthetics are portrayed through the flare and style that one possesses. Designing requires critical thinking, calculative ergonomics, and refined technical skills which are being taught in schools. This is exactly the role of a professional interior designer. They are trained to be the person who thinks of a solution for your design needs and lifestyle. They do not just design something that looks good. Professional interior designers design with a purpose through hours of conceptualising and problem-solving.

Unlike design and build companies whose main business is to provide mass renovation and design homes with standard templates, professional interior designers are dedicated to your design needs. The fee really is for their professional services as an interior designer who comes with a great deal of experience and skillsets. It includes a customised experience for you when building your dream space.

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