DesignTop 5 Condo Interior Design Styles

Top 5 Condo Interior Design Styles

Whilst condominium (condo) in Singapore comes in standard finishings and design, we have seen an increase in demand for condo owners to customise their homes to suit their taste and preferences.

What we’ve realised is that whether you are a condo owner, a HDB unit owner, or a landed property owner – you are all homeowners whose goal is to create a living space that best suits your lifestyle and design preference.

Here are the top 5 condo interior design styles we’ve seen among our homeowners. We hope that this article will inspire you and help you decide on interior design styles that best suit you.

Modern Luxury

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Modern luxury interior design may sound like you’d need a big budget. We’d like to debunk that and assure you that modern luxury home designs can be affordable too. Following the guidelines of the concept, a modern luxury look and feel can be achieved through a simple yet sophisticated style. Think of highlighting the right places with the right colors/materials/types of furniture. The modern luxury design style takes its inspiration from Modernism and Simplicity. Use this as a guide when planning for your home.

One way you can achieve this look is through accent pieces such as accent walls or accent furniture which can bring out the feeling of lavishness as you walk into the room. Another way is to introduce accent furniture such as an accent chair that takes on a different color to the rest of your home.

Minimalist Japandi Resort

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Minimalism is the concept of modernising a design and simplifying them. Japandi on the other hand is a portmanteau of ‘Japanese’ and ‘Scandinavian’. A design concept that combines the best of these two worlds. Both concepts have a strong emphasis on nature, natural materials, and natural light as well as a more muted and neutral color palette.

Furnishings for this concept are simple and not excessive when it comes to accessorizing. Think clean lines, an airy room, and the feeling of being in nature. If stepping into MUJI gets you excited and inspired, this is the perfect concept for your home.

When we say no excessive accessorising, it does not mean that art pieces cannot be part of this home concept. Minimalist japandi resort homes are not devoid of art pieces. Contemporary or abstract art pieces are still often featured in these homes.

Modern Industrial

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The modern industrial design style goes way back to the 20th century but still remains popular today. This design style was born when old factories and industrial spaces were used to be converted into residential living.

The concept of a modern industrial home aims to expose rather than conceal. Think exposed beams, exposed bricks, untreated wood and metal, concrete floors, and screeded walls.

The modern industrial design can also wear a weathered look and it is a concept that is pretty versatile as the furniture and accessories play a part in the overall look of the space. For a more masculine look you can opt for metal benchtops, metal storage cupboards, and leather sofas. For a less masculine look, opt for velvet sofas/ottomans. Accesorise both styles with colorful vases and artwork.

Modern Asian

Southeast Asian heritage has been an inspiration for a variety of things such as food, fashion, and even interior design. Modern Asian interior design requires careful and tasteful choices when it comes to colors, materials, and textures.

The Modern Asian concept is highly expressive as is the Southeast Asian heritage. There will be the use of vivid motifs, bright colors, and traditional artwork across walls, ceilings, and even floors. It is a design language that blends detailed furniture pieces or artworks with different wall colors or textures.

It is an interior design concept that is not easy to execute but when done the right way, can be mind-blowing.


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A postmodern interior design requires attention to details such as the curvatures of furnishings and depending on preference, decorative accessories. It is a design that can range from different looks such as vintage, retro, avant-garde, and maximalism.

If we are talking about vintage interior designs, think baroque mirrors, brocade wallpapers, and possibly an elaborate chandelier from an earlier time period.

Vintage interior design also often features dark-finished wood, richer color palettes, and a variety of textures. Furnishings will have elaborate and ornate details and will use fabrics such as velvet, silk, or brocade. There’s depth, layering, and dimensionality within most traditional designs.

Postmodern interior designs these days have been minimalised in some instances. This would mean that the homeowners might choose to only keep certain aspects of the concept. In the case of a vintage interior, they may choose to do away with brocade wallpaper designs and opt for a single wall color that still ties into the vintage style. It is the perfect way to modernise a vintage interior design.

We understand that picking an interior design style for your home might not be easy. You may worry about having the eye for picking the right color, material, or texture of furnishings for your home. At AR-kee Design Studio, we’ll be that pair of eyes for you.

Speak to us today to find out how we can help you build the home of your dreams.