DesignRefresh your home this Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid)

Refresh your home this Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid)

The festival of Eid is also known in Singapore as Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Hari Raya Puasa (Hari Raya). It is a major festival marking the end of Ramadan (month-long fasting). Hari Raya is celebrated by Muslims all over the world including Singapore.

Hari Raya is a celebration that calls for the redecoration of homes as it prepares to welcome family members and friends for the whole month. There have been studies that show how decorating can improve mood and ignite positive memories. This explains why refreshing your homes are always an essential part of the preparation for a festive such as this. Here are 3 ways you can refresh and redecorate your home this year.

Purchase new accessories

Cookie jars are the heart of your home


What are festivities without cookies or your confectionaries jars? The simplest way to present an attractive coffee table to your guests would be by decorating it with cookie-filled jars. The selection of confectionaries during Hari Raya is limitless. If you’ve been using your cookie jars for a few years now, it is the best time to purchase a simple and elegant cookie jar. A simple decorative hack without the need to break the bank.

Fairy lights exude a cozy ambient


LED fairy lights can be placed inside lanterns, mason jars, colorful glass vases, and more to create table centerpieces or a lighted aisle. During Hari Raya, it is also very common to hang lights on windows. This is a simple decoration idea that can lift the mood of your entire home.


Change the color palette of your home through fabrics



Just like wall colors, the color and fabric choice of your curtains determines the mood of your home. If you’ve stuck to darker colors for your home, perhaps it’s time to change it up by playing with brighter colors such as yellow, white, or light brown.


Carpets complete the look of a room and determine how the space looks and feels. It ties together elements of the room that contributes to making a person feel warm and welcomed when stepping into your home. If you’ve typically gone for carpets that are single-colored, look at exploring how carpets with abstract patterns can actually modernise your space.

Basic aesthetic refresh

Paint Color


Colors affect mood and it plays a crucial part in determining the concept of your home. Get creative and think about colors you’ve always wanted to try on your walls. If you are not too daring this year, even a switch up from pale yellow to bright yellow can bring about a drastic mood change to your space.

Door Color


You may not think about it much but your room doors are an inexpensive refresh you can give to a home. Repaint doors in your home with basic colors such as white and grey.

We hope we’ve sparked some ideas for you in preparing your home for Hari Raya.

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