DesignWhy Need To Get 3 Building Quotes For Your Renovation

Why Need To Get 3 Building Quotes For Your Renovation

Renovating a commercial or residential space is an expensive and time-consuming project that must be carefully planned. It is a good idea to get three renovation quotes from different providers before deciding on which interior design firm and contractor to work with.

Getting a building quote provides an estimate of a renovation project’s cost based on materials used and design work intended. Obtaining multiple quotes allows you to compare various construction cost and gain a better understanding which construction company works best for you in terms of budget and end goals.

Benefits of Getting 3 Renovation Quotes

Get the best offer

When planning a renovation project, it is a good idea to get quotes from at least three contractors. Compare their quotes carefully to ensure that they include required items to achieve the same design outcome, such as building materials, permits, labor, and warranties.

Furthermore, when soliciting bids from contractors, inquire whether the quote is fixed or subject to additional costs along the way; some contractors may misrepresent their initial offer in order to win a job.

Having a few building quotes to compare, you would be able to get some sense of a fair market price and how much you should budget for your renovation project.




Evaluate contractor profiles

When acquiring quotes from different contractors, evaluate their experience and client profile by requesting to see some of their completed projects. This enables you to assess each contractor’s portfolio and compare prices based on their trade experience, workmanship quality, qualifications, and other factors that may influence the success of the renovation.

When choosing a contractor, one important factor to consider is how well they manage their manpower and workmanship. A responsive and reliable project manager from the construction firm is essential to ensure your renovation project runs smoothly.


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Obtain contractor references

Doing your research and doing your homework thoroughly can save you time and money on your renovation project by ensuring that you choose a reputable contractor who can complete the job on time and to standards.

Contractor references and reviews could play an important role in your decision-making process because they provide valuable insight into a contractor’s workmanship. Reviews from previous clients can also suggest whether the contractor is dependable and pays close attention to detail, or if they are far more likely to deliver poor results.


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As experienced interior designers, AR-kee design team understands finding the right contractor is key when renovating a home or commercial space. We partner with different experienced main contractors in Singapore when building client renovations in accordance with our drawings and specifications.

When engaging AR-kee Design Studio’s design and build service, our design team would call for a building tender from the pool of reliable contractors we have worked with.
Our valued clients can compare and choose which main contractors to engage to make their designs a reality.
The price comparison is one consideration factor, but working with your preferred contractor’s craftsmanship and communication style is equally important.
Through our detailed evaluation process, we help clients find the right contractor based on cost, experience, reliability and workmanship. If you need a reliable builder for your upcoming renovation project, contact AR-kee Design Studio today.