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Interior Design vs. Interior Architect

The Difference Between an Interior Stylist, an Interior Designer, and an Interior Architect


An efficient spatial planning and a beautiful interior design are critical in creating an aesthetically pleasing and inviting environment. Thus, it is essential to engage professional services to ensure your interior design need is met.

Depending on your design expectation and technical requirements, there are many available design services when looking for professional advice to renovate and decorate a residential or commercial space.

The terms “interior designer,” “interior stylist,” and “interior architect” are often used interchangeably. Although their professional designations seem similar, their role differentiations can be pretty distinct.


Below is a breakdown of their different roles and specialisations:

Interior Stylist

As the term describes, an interior stylist provides styling services to create a beautiful interior space. The interior stylist would typically decorate a room by incorporating matching soft furnishings, furniture, and display accessories to achieve the design brief from a client by maintaining the existing interior structure of the space.

In Singapore, you can engage interior styling services from established furniture retailers like IKEA or Proof Living. If you are hiring an interior design company for a complete makeover of the space and interior structure, the designers would be able to offer interior styling service that matches the overall new design concept.


Interior Designer 

Besides having strong technical skills in designing software, you would want to engage an interior designer who has the creativity and design language to curate a space that is uniquely yours.

Instead of replicating popular interior design themes and templates, a well-established interior designer would be able to propose an interior design theme and concept that would effectively articulate the client’s design personality. The unique character could be reflected in space planning, building material choice, and furniture design.

An experienced interior designer should also be able to propose an aesthetically beautiful interior and, most importantly, a functional space.


Interior Architect 

Architects specialise in crafting beautiful building exteriors and structures. Interior architects, on the other hand, are maestros of interior space creation. They are proficient in maximising floor space and designing functional and visually appealing interiors.

Interior architects collaborate closely with building architects to ensure the proposed spatial planning is safe. To design a safe and executable interior space makeover, interior architects must have the necessary knowledge of building codes, regulations, construction methods, and materials.

Interior Design vs. Interior Architect

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