UncategorizedMatching Interior Design With Your Brand Identity Matters

Matching Interior Design With Your Brand Identity Matters

A company’s brand identity is more than a logo or a color scheme. It symbolises the company’s identity and values. Thus, an effective brand marketing execution should reflect its identity and value, from the website design to the interior design of the organization’s workspace.

Successful brands like Starbucks and McDonald’s invest a lot in engaging professional interior designers to develop standardized interior design brand kits for all of their international outlets to follow.

These kits include standardized material types, colors, furniture designs, etc. Their interior design concepts are so successful that most shoppers would be able to recognize their outlets from a distance before looking at their trademarked logos.

The purpose of these design kits is not merely for aesthetic purposes. A lot of thought has gone into the design process. For example, an organization that actively supports corporate sustainability prefers to use eco-friendly building materials. Or, a company may use a color scheme for its office interior theme to reflect its corporate colours.

First impressions matter in today’s competitive marketplace, so ensuring your organisation’s interior design reflects your brand identity is essential.

Benefits of Integrating Brand Identity into Interior Design

Reflects business culture and brand identity

The look and feel of an office environment affect clients’ impressions of your organisation. So businesses must put their best foot forward with a beautiful and stylish interior design. But beyond first impressions, the office environment can also significantly impact employee morale and productivity.

A well-designed office space that reflects a company’s positive culture can help employees feel more engaged and motivated. So, whether you’re planning a complete office renovation or simply looking to refresh your space, consider an interior design that will reflect your business culture and brand identity.


Design With Your Brand Identity

Paincare (Harmonising Yin and Yang) – by AR-kee Design Studio

Stand out from the competition

A well-designed retail interior can make your outlets stand out from the competition and make your business more visible. To attract more walk-in customers, having a distinct shop design is a sure way to set you apart from the rest.


Communicates your values

Your customers will be attracted to your brand when your brand identity and company values are incorporated effectively into your commercial space interior designs.

A familiar dry grocery chain, Scoop Wholefoods, is an example of successful retail marketing that incorporates its unique brand identity with its store’s interior design.

Scoop Wholefoods’ vision is to sell affordable, healthy produce with zero waste. This popular dry grocery chain uses wood texture material for its shopfront and interior. The emphasis on wood materials symbolizes nature which aptly amplifies their brand’s focus on selling eco-friendly organic food.

The store layout and vibe of Scoop Wholefoods interior also reflect the company’s value. Simple and no-frills product display shelves around the store communicate the company’s brand identity –– selling healthy organic food with zero waste at an affordable price.



A successful integrated brand marketing strategy would consider all aspects of the organisation’s brand assets, including a well-crafted interior design of the workspace and retail shop.

At AR-kee Design Studio, we’re happy to help you start breathing life into your business with a customized interior design solution that complements your brand identity. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.