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The Advantages of Engaging Commercial Interior Designers

First impressions when walking into a commercial space are important. Especially for commercial space that expects high human traffic like retail, hospitality, and office, the interior design and layout of the space can affect the overall experience of the visitors when they walk into the unit.

Thus, implementing a creative and eye-catching interior design for a business’s space can boost profits.

However, creating the perfect interior design and layout is not a task for the untrained. Well-crafted commercial interior designs require technical drawing skills, innovative spatial planning, and creative design solutions.

That’s where commercial interior designers come in. Professional commercial interior designers are engaged for the purpose of assisting business owners in creating functional and stylish spaces that reflect the unique character of the organization.

Role of Commercial Interior Designer

Designers of commercial interiors are trained to create spaces that meet the needs of their clients and their employees. Additionally, they supervise the construction or renovation of commercial buildings.

The role of a commercial interior designer does not end with just producing a stunning interior design. To ensure the construction work is done according to the agreed design concept and technical drawings, interior designers would work closely with contractors, suppliers, and regulatory bodies to ensure the renovation process achieves optimal results with minimal delays.

Engaging Commercial Interior Designers

Why pay for commercial interior design?

Developing and curating a well-defined interior design for commercial space should not be taken lightly. Functionality and aesthetics must be harmoniously combined for a commercial interior design to be considered effectively and beautifully executed.

Unlike residential interior design, which focuses primarily on house occupants’ lifestyles and interior design preferences, a commercial interior design brief is usually more complex and needs to comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

An experienced and qualified commercial interior designer would typically need to consider the profiles of people who are likely to visit and work in the office space, the business culture, the organization’s brand identity, and meet the expected safety and building regulations. These factors are important when crafting an effective office spatial plan and bespoke office interior design.

So, is engaging a commercial interior designer good value for money?

These are 5 key benefits when appointing a professional interior designer to design a commercial space:

Cost Effective

It is no easy task to design a commercial space. It is important to consider a variety of factors, including the layout of the space, building materials, furniture, and lighting. You may spend more money than you expected and waste time that you could be using to run your business if you try to do it yourself.

Professional designers can ensure your organization’s operational needs and budget are met when designing and building commercial interiors.

Additionally, you could potentially source furniture and fixtures at a fraction of the cost if you hired an interior designer.

Advantages of Engaging Commercial Interior Designers

Curvaceous Cocoon Design – by AR-kee Design Studio

Optimize Space

Owning or leasing a commercial space does not come cheap. In order to maximize the return on investment (ROI), every square foot of office space ought to be effectively used to justify the price tag.

As part of the spatial planning process,

Business owners can plan their commercial space successfully with the help of a professional commercial interior designer.

Experienced commercial interior designers have dealt with indoor spaces of all sizes and layouts. So, with the assistance of an expert in business interior design, you can maximize the space in a way that is functional, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

Interior Branding Matters

A brand offers customers a unique experience and evokes emotions towards the brand identity. This is why it is essential for businesses to consider branding throughout their entire interior space. Consider, “What do I want my customers to feel as soon as they walk through the door?”

So, a knowledgeable business interior designer would spend time understanding an organization’s brand, profiles of targeted market demographics, expected customer journey experience, etc, before getting on to the drawing board to propose a design concept.

A designer would need to consider the organization’s corporate identity when choosing colors and materials for a commercial interior design.

Ensuring Building Compliance Is Fulfilled

When renovating a commercial unit, compliance with building regulations regarding property safety and structural integrity is required by the Singapore authorities.

To ensure the regulatory requirements are met, established commercial interior design firms and renovation companies.

Will help you determine which aspects of the commercial space can be altered and which must remain unchanged.

Among the compliance essentials to consider when planning the renovation are the following:

  • Structural layout of the premises (when considering walls to be hacked, reconfiguration of room layout, or if new structural construction is required)
  • Conformity of the building’s electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to the most recent fire safety guidelines and recommendations
  • Environmental sustainability requirements

Typically, a permit is required for renovation work in shopping malls and office buildings. The appointed renovation team will assist with the permit application to be submitted to building management authorities alongside other required documentation.

Improve Aesthetics and Performance

A commercial space that has been effectively designed can leave a significant impression on clients and customers.

It can also contribute to an improvement in the space’s overall performance and appearance.

For instance, it is more likely that employees will be encouraged to remain focused

And productive if the office has plenty of natural light and comfortable furniture.

In a similar vein, a retail location that is appealing to the eye and simple to navigate has a greater chance of persuading customers to make a purchase.

Thus, putting money into business interior design can, in the long run,

Have a positive impact not only on your bottom line but also on your brand.

AR-kee Design Studio’s commercial interior designers, are professionally experienced and knowledgeable to assist you in creating the commercial environment of your dreams. Whether you have a retail, office, or hospitality space, they would design a space that is inspiring, functional, and within the project budget. 
For more information, contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation and learn how we can be of assistance.