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How to Create a Beautiful Indochine-Style Interior Space

A successful Indochine-style interior design begins with an understanding of the key elements that make up this unique design aesthetic. Inspired by both French and Vietnamese cultures, Indochine style combines East and West, old and new.

With Vietnamese elements including lacquerware and mother-of-pearl inlay combined with French furniture and textiles, the effect is elegant and exotic. In order to create an Indochine-style interior space, you will need to incorporate a few key elements.

Neutral color palette

Indochine-style décor is all about creating a sense of tranquility and balance. And what better way to achieve that than with a serene color palette of whites, beiges, and blacks? By keeping the colors light and neutral, you can create an airy and peaceful space that feels like an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Plus, the muted tones are perfect for creating a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere. So if you’re looking to channel your inner zen, consider using a neutral color palette in your Indochine-style interior space.

Pops of color

Vibrant colors and eye-catching prints characterize Indochina-style interiors. The use of vibrant colors and patterns creates an inviting and energetic atmosphere. Indochine design is often inspired by the rich colors and cultures of Southeast Asia, making it the perfect way to add a touch of global flair to your home.

Indochine-Style Interior Space

Indochine Style – by marshallcavendish

Introduce texture

Rattan, bamboo, and lacquerware are all excellent ways to add texture to your home décor. Rattan furniture is especially popular in Indochine style homes. Black lacquer furniture is another signature element of this style. Lacquerware is also a great way to add texture to your décor. It can be used to make furniture, picture frames, and even lamps.

Utilize natural materials

Adding a touch of luxury to any home can be as easy as adding natural materials such as mother of pearl, coral, and shells. It is about incorporating these materials into your décor in a way that is both stylish and sophisticated. Lamps and mirror frames made of mother-of-pearl are stunning accent pieces. Coral highlights textiles and wallpapers.

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