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How to create the perfect colour scheme for your home


Colour is an important element of interior design. Your colour choice can impact the mood of a space and affect how furniture and décor are perceived. When choosing colours for your home interior, it’s important to consider the feeling you want to create and whether or not the colours will work well with existing furniture and décor. A colour wheel can be a helpful tool when picking out colours, and nature can also provide inspiration. Don’t be afraid to experiment – you might be surprised at what you like!


Consider the mood you want to create

When deciding on colours for your interior design, it’s important to consider the mood that you want. Do you seek a calm and relaxing environment? An inviting one with warmth in its tone? Or maybe something more energetic which will make people feel excited about being there? Different hues can evoke different emotions; however they are all capable of achieving whichever ambiance we desire.

How to create the perfect colour scheme for your home
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Look at your existing furniture and décor

The way you paint or decorate your home will depend largely on the colours of furniture and décor that are already present. You don’t want everything to clash, so when choosing paint colour for your wall, it’s important to find a colour which works well with the colour of the primary furniture set in the room. 

How to create the perfect colour scheme for your home
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Use a colour wheel

The colour wheel tool can help you when you’re unsure what colour theme to use in your home interior design. You can use many online tools on the internet, such as visualise colour and colour designer, to create colour combinations that can help you decide which colour theme and mood you prefer for different rooms in your house.

To create a cohesive look for your space, pick one color or two and use it as the accent to repeat throughout. You can go with monochromatic outfits by keeping all of these tones in different shades (for example: different shades of pink) OR you could pair two complementary colors together such that each wall or furniture colour has something opposite from its paired counterparts on either side – like red versus blue; purple against yellow! 

How to create the perfect colour scheme for your home
Take inspiration from nature

Incorporating the colours of nature into your interior design is an effective way to make any space feel like home. With so many shades available, you can draw inspiration in everything from sky blue hues at sunrise ― all the way down through earthy tones seen in forest scenes after rainfall ― and more! Remember that moodiness plays a big role here; think about whether these colour schemes work well with existing furniture/décor before going full force on experimental mixing sessions.

How to create the perfect colour scheme for your home

So, when it comes time to selecting colors for your interior design project, be sure to keep in mind how each color will affect the mood of the room you are decorating and the people who will be spending time there. 

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