DesignModern TV wall designs in Singapore

Modern TV wall designs in Singapore

A TV wall is a great way to create a focal point in your living room or home cinema. When designed and built with style, a TV wall can transform into a beautiful feature wall too

There are many different ways to design and build a TV wall, and the options are many. Here are some popular choices in Singapore: 

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to create a modern and sleek look for your TV wall. Adding floating shelves help to draw the attention of your TV as an overall wall design, instead of seeing a “black rectangle box” on the wall. These shelves are also perfect to display accessories and photo frames in small spaces as they don’t take up any floor area.

Nowadays you can purchase DIY floating shelves from IKEA or specially designed ones to fit the overall design themes in your room. 

Modern TV wall designs in Singapore
Add Lighting

Adding lighting is a great way to accentuate and create ambient glow to your TV wall. 

Depending on what is displayed on the TV wall, some of the popular ways to light up your TV wall are using downlights to create wall washing effects on the wall. Or, you may consider adding striplights as cove lighting around your TV feature wall. Discuss with your interior designers and you’ll be surprised how lights can influence the overall feel of your room and TV wall design.

Modern TV wall designs in Singapore
Carpentry or Stone 

Displaying a beautiful stone as a TV feature wall never fails to create a luxurious and elegant look in your room. If you have a big TV wall in your living room, and should your budget allow, there are many stone materials and designs you can choose that can transform your TV wall into a stunning piece of art.

Besides using stones, many homeowners in Singapore prefer to use laminated carpentry. Specially designed carpentry can produce amazing designs to a feature wall such as victorian luxury, eclectic, scandinavian, and more. With a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from, experienced interior designers are able to design the TV wall that meets your desired requirement.

Modern TV wall designs in Singapore
Wall of Art

Artwork is a great way to add a personal touch to your TV wall. You can either hang a single piece of art above the TV, or create a gallery wall using multiple pieces.

To create a TV wall design, simply choose the pieces you want to display and then hang them at your desired height.

When hanging more than one piece in an area with inadequate space to accommodate them all, make sure there is sufficient space between each item so it doesn’t appear cluttered.

There are many different ways to incorporate a modern TV wall into your home. Whether you want to add extra storage, create a gallery wall, or simply display your TV in a more stylish way, there’s an option for you. With so many possibilities, it’s easy to find the perfect design for your home. 

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