DesignHari Raya Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Hari Raya Decoration Ideas for Your Home


It’s officially Ramadan, which means it’s time to decorate your home for Hari Raya. The celebration of Hari Raya is a festival of happiness and peace.

People get together on this joyous annual event to celebrate their faith. Families and friends eat together and enjoy quality time together. 

To help you start decoration inspiration, we have listed some Hari Raya decoration ideas that are easy to achieve:

Sparks of joy

The traditional decorations of Muslim culture are always a hit at any party – especially one that celebrates the new year. From shiny stars and moons, to delicate flowers adorning your home in gold or silver threading; these pieces will bring extra sparkle into every corner without being too overbearing overall! If you’re looking for an elegant feel but also something modern then keep them simple by using less intricate designs with contrast colors (like black against red).

Decorate wall with ethnic-themed decorations

You can decorate a space with art that represents your heritage, from batik hangings to Islamic calligraphy. The art can be framed or nailed directly onto the wall. It is best to hang your displays in a way that won’t damage your wall and can be easily taken down when Aidilfitri is over.

Hari Raya Decoration Ideas for Your Home
Add nature into your home

The color green is a popular one this month of Hari Raya. Green can be  elegant and contemporary if used correctly,without being too overpowering. To explore green color is to add plants into your living room during this festive season! Besides adding green plants, you can consider adding accessories that are subtly coloured in green. Light up your home

The traditional way of lighting up your home during Raya is with an oil lamp or as they called it ‘Lampu Pelita’, but now there’s a safer, non fire-hazardous, alternative. Solar-powered or battery operated lamps have become much more common and provide easy access to light without using any harmful fuels that can be difficult on the environment too!

Hari Raya Decoration Ideas for Your Home

As Singapore has recently relaxed our pandemic measures, Hari Raya this year will surely be better than the last. Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim friends and may you have a joyous one with your loved ones!