DesignThe Incredible Power of Plants in Interior Design

The Incredible Power of Plants in Interior Design

The Incredible Power of Plants in Interior Design

Houseplants are good for your health — and not just for their visual beauty.

Nowadays, the use of plants in modern interior design is getting more and more popular.

One major benefit of investing in green interior design is that comes at a fraction of the cost of making structural changes to the space.
Since NASA’s 1980s research into using plants to purify indoor air, there’s been a slew of new studies in support of greening our interiors. The proof is inarguable: plants effectively remove dozens of toxic chemicals and compounds from our air, measurably improving our air quality and our health. But they also have a profound impact on our cognition and mood, which is equally important in promoting a positive and productive work environment.

Plants are a critical element of good interior design, and one of the most overlooked!

So, let’s dig into this a little more, and discover the power of using plants in your interior design.

Plants help reduce stress and anxiety

They can also help you lower your blood pressure, feel calmer and self-aligned.

They can help you sleep better

Some plants give off oxygen at night allowing you to have a better night of sleep.

Promote productivity and boost mood.

Not all researchers agree, but certain studies performed in office settings and hospitals have shown a connection between the presence of living plants and a calmer, more positive state of mind.

Add depth to interior design.

Start noticing the structure and texture of different plant types. From slender stalks to wide leaves and feathery fronds, each plant has a unique shape and form that can serve the same function as vases or other sculptural objects.


Let’s talk about where you should be using them. The short answer is this: you should have at least one plant or floral in every room.

Empty Corners

Empty corners in a room can be rather boring. Now, that doesn’t mean that every corner of your house should have a plant, but definitely consider adding a large potted plant or small tree in an empty corner of your living room, dining room, and/or bedroom.

The Incredible Power of Plants in Interior Design
Owens and David
Dining Table

A dining room table needs a centerpiece, and a vase with greenery, stems, or florals is a great way to create that all-important central focal point.

The Incredible Power of Plants in Interior Design
Entry Table

To me, the entry/foyer table is a natural place for a plant. Why? Because your entry is the place where we transition every day from the outdoors to the inside of our homes. What better way to embrace and celebrate that transition than with a natural element?

The Incredible Power of Plants in Interior Design

Bathrooms are filled with smooth, hard elements like tile and metal plumbing fixtures, and often have very neutral color schemes. A small plant or vase with greenery are fantastic ways to add both a pop of color and introduce a new texture to your bathroom

The Incredible Power of Plants in Interior Design
Bob Vila

Houseplants can deliver a serious range of health benefits, which is why their addition to the home, décor is a definite must.

Reviving your home with indoor greenery lets you enjoy the benefits of nature’s regenerative power, like the unlimited perks of cleaner air or creating a peaceful atmosphere. The pros of owning house plants go beyond homeopathic. They make any space bright and lively while adding more dimension with layers of horticulture, sprucing up aesthetics, mindfulness, and décor beauty.

Let experienced home interior designers like AR-kee Design Studio come up with the right concept for your home. We will take into account your lifestyle, your goals, and the home maintenance level you feel comfortable with.

Let us know which ones you have decided to at onto your next project, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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The Incredible Power of Plants in Interior Design