DesignGlamming up your house need not be expensive!

Glamming up your house need not be expensive!


Glamming up your house need not be expensive!


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Every homeowner wants to make their house or apartment look luxurious as if it was straight out of an interior design or lifestyle magazine. However, making this home improvement dream come through also means that you’ll have to spend a lot of money to make it happen.



Whether you’re looking to fix up your home to put it on the market or just want to bring some fresh updates to your living space, you don’t have to spend a lot to get big results. Here’s some good news – you can make your dream home interior come true without emptying your wallet or your bank. In some cases, you won’t even have to spend anything.





Treat Your Windows Nicely 
Glamming up your house need not be expensive!       



Have you ever seen a window with short curtains? Didn’t you feel cringed because they look cheap?



Here’s a secret: No matter how lovely the curtain fabric is, if they are too short on your windows, they will look like they were cheap store-bought curtains that are a dime a dozen.



Conversely, your draperies should hit the floor and you definitely do not have to splurge on them. If you want to save more, you can buy lightweight cotton fabric and have a tailor customize it for you. Also, use basic white curtain rods because they are inexpensive and less noticeable.



The act of decorating is essentially to put thought and energy into creating a pretty room. In a well-decorated room, things look considered. There is a sense of intentionality.



Freshen It up With Flowers

Glamming up your house need not be expensive!




You don’t need a wallet-busting mega-arrangement to add luxury to your space. A simple bouquet from the grocery store can be all you need to add sophistication. Besides, it’s all about how you arrange the flowers and the vase you arrange them in. First, separate the bouquet by stem type then create several small arrangements to spread around your home. The dent in your wallet (and time) is minimal, but the impact on your home is monumental.



Go big when it comes to wall art
  Glamming up your house need not be expensive!



One notable quality of a room that looks classy and expensive is that it has large, interesting artwork. The walls are big, so their décor needs to be bigger than you might think. Swap out your smaller groups of wall art with single, large pieces of art like canvas paintings, photographs, or metal wall art that mesh well with the room.



Additionally, go big when it comes to other pieces like mirrors, clocks, or other non-picture items. While larger pieces tend to have higher price tags, it doesn’t cost much more than the multiple smaller pieces you may already have hanging.



Glamming up your house need not be expensive!



Toward a tidied, uncluttered design – making your home minimalist is often considered Zenlike. There are other benefits to an uncluttered design, from easier to clean, to less stress; a home with less can feel larger.



Minimize might mean clean surfaces; quality items over the quality of them; less furniture but designing your house around key points; and accent décor. Choose the features of each room wisely, if attentively, and build around these key accents. You might, for example, place a potted houseplant next to an art catalog on your coffee table. When you next host, the subject of its art can be an interesting talking point. You can design your house around conversations.



Add Light

Glamming up your house need not be expensive!



If it now sounds like a design cliché, it is likely because lighting really changes the style and experience of your house. With the right balance, capturing proper light can enhance the ambiance and style inside your house. The effectiveness of lighting in your house will depend on many factors: the height of your ceilings, the layout of each room, the type of fixture; and the amount of natural light available.



Fixtures include chandeliers, standing lamps, desktop ones, and plenty of others. The fixture is only part of the solution; the bulb (such as energy-efficient ones) should be part of your planning. This is because different bulbs can affect hue, ranging from warm to cold, or even fluorescence.



You can get creative with sources of light, but the best way to improve the harmony of light and shade in your house is through understanding the availability of natural light. If you are replacing your windows, you can play with styles and materials to make your house more inviting to natural light.





While you dream of that magazine-quality, luxurious indoor space, you may not have the budget for a total redecorating overhaul right now. No matter your budget, there’s something you can do to improve your home. By starting with the little things and upgrading to bigger ones, you’ll find yourself in a great spot.



You can achieve a luxury feel in your space without going into debt. Make your home the best, most luxurious version possible without breaking the bank.



Updating just a few key elements of your interior design can give your space a new lease of life and provide you with an elegant space that you can truly be proud of. Contact Ar-kee Design Studio for more ideas.

Glamming up your house need not be expensive!