DesignColourful Accent Ideas to Bring Life to a Dull Room

Colourful Accent Ideas to Bring Life to a Dull Room

Does your house have a space that when you walk in, you just can’t help but think, “It’s so dull and boring?” While minimalism in design is very popular these days, white walls and neutral furniture could make a space feel empty and dull which affects one’s mood. While doing a full modification is a great suggestion, not everyone has the time or money for a full room makeover. However, there are low-cost colourful accent ideas that you can use to bring instant cheer to any dull room. 

Colourful Accent Ideas

Colourful Accent Ideas to Bring Life to a Dull Room
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Paint an Accent Wall

One of the low-cost and effective ways of adding life to a boring room is by painting one wall with a coat of paint. Be it a single wall in your bedroom or a larger wall behind your sofa, adding an accent color to your wall creates a focal point in the room and draws your eyes into a specific area. Depending on your taste, you can opt for a bold, contrasting accent, or, go for a subtle color by painting the wall in the same color family, but a tone darker than the rest of your walls for a more luxurious look. 

Area Rugs is one of the Colourful Accent Ideas

Well-placed area rugs add accent and texture to your wood floorings, pathways, or coffee table in your living room. They come in different sizes, colors, textures, and patterns. Aside from these are easy to clean, it’s easy to switch them out when you want to redecorate.

Furnish It with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are great accent pieces that incorporate pops of colors throughout the room. This ‘must-have’ accessory allows you to get creative so have fun experimenting with patterns, colors, and textures that would liven up your space.

Go for a Bold and Large Art

An oversized and colorful piece of art -when hanged or placed in a plain wall – brings in hues and shapes that instantly brighten up the room. You can also group framed pictures with fun and stunning frames.

Introduce Greenery Indoors

Bringing nature inside your house is absolutely a breath of fresh air. With the right placement and right sizes, indoor plants can turn every corner from lifeless and uninteresting to bright and refreshing. From succulent to large-sized leafy greenery, there are a lot of ways to take full advantage of their remarkable potential to beautify any corner.

Colourful Accent Ideas to Bring Life to a Dull Room
Modern bathroom. White bath with green palm branches. Bright room with sunlight from a large window. Water flows from a faucet

Other Colourful Accent Ideas

Colourful Accent Ideas to Bring Life to a Dull Room
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The Help You Need

Regardless of how you choose to style any corner of your home, decorative accent pieces add a special touch that really makes the space interesting. From the art on the walls to the cluster of greenery on the table to throw pillows on the sofa, these decorative pieces allow you to personalize your interior. If you’re not sure which of these colorful accent ideas to incorporate into your home interior, let us handle the responsibility and turn your dull space into a place that exudes a fun, playful, and lively vibe.

Colourful Accent Ideas to Bring Life to a Dull Room