InteriorCreating A Fun and Safe Space In The Office
creating a fun and space in the office

Creating A Fun and Safe Space In The Office

Aside from being the most used search engine on the Internet, Google is also known for their insanely fun offices. Looking at their office space, with perks such as an overflowing pantry, slides and even a spa just for employees, it’s no wonder they get around 3 million applications per year. If you’re someone who has seen their office and thinks that yours needs a facelift, here are some ways to create an office and working environment that allows your employees to play as hard as they work! Creating a fun and safe space in the office should also be fun for you!

Break Area

Having a fun break area makes working feel a lot less like work, and provides a safe environment for employees to relax and take some time to themselves. You can offer a variety of seating options, such as booths, beanbags and sofas, which allows staff to choose where they want to lounge comfortably. Make sure to position these seating options strategically, so that the area is separate, yet open. This differentiates the different zones in your office to ensure that your staff can have time and space to themselves.


Creating different zones in your office can be achieved with colors. When used strategically, colour can transform a dull area into a fun, yet professional place. You can incorporate colour into the office by painting a bold feature wall or have some subtle colourful accents. A good tip to follow when it comes to colour would be that less is more. Keep your larger walls and furniture neutral, with a pop of colour.


There is simple way to make your office a fun and safe space. Incorporate nature into the space. Indoor plants such as bonsai trees or mini succulents adds colour to your office. Not only that, it allows employees to rest their eyes. Other than plants, you can incorporate nature in by utilizing natural materials such as light-toned woods.

Personal Touch

To really double down on the office being a safe and fun space, you can add personal touches to the office. Make use of things such as bulletin boards to hang up things like company photos or other memorabilia. You can also make use of multi-use items such as whiteboards around the office, which you can write motivational quotes on. Get to know your staff and their likes and dislikes, and cater the office to them!

The Help You Need

Making an office fun, yet professional is not an easy feat. If you still don’t really know where to start, let us take this responsibility off your hands and make your dream office come true!