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Top 5 Tips On Choosing Suitable Lighting

Suitable lighting is not an easy feat to pull off when planning for your new home. They say lighting can make or break your house. Terrible lighting decisions can ruin even the nicest of homes. If you are someone who struggles to choose a suitable lighting fixture in your new home, look no further than this list for pointers on how to choose lighting for your home!


Map It Out

Most people would rely on a single ceiling light as their main source of light. However, the best way to decide what kind of lighting you want in your home is to think about how you are planning to use the light and then think of it in layers. Plan how each lighting point is going to affect your daily activities and suit your lifestyle. Before choosing the type of suitable lighting, think about the quantity and location of the lighting points for each and every space in your home.

For example, the best way, or the way that most people start by choosing lighting, would be to think about where you need the light most. After which, you can incorporate things like accent lighting, to think about the aesthetics of the room. Choosing a suitable lighting for your new home with your interior designer would be the best way to go around this as they are experts in the field, and they’d be able to foresee things we non-designers would not have been able to.

Style and Functionality

The multitude of lighting options might overwhelm you. One thing that you can do to reduce the number of options would be to rule out the lighting fixtures that do not suit the style of your home. For homes with false ceilings, due to its minute size and shadows they cast, downlights are usually used as both functional and ambient lighting. False ceiling uses ceiling lights. Pendant lights, on the other hand, are used as accent lighting, which you can use above dining or coffee tables. Search for fixtures that fit the style of your home, and be amazed at how these lights can change the mood for you! Always ask yourself if a certain light fixture would be make a suitable lighting for your home.


One thing to consider when looking for suitable lighting would be the type of bulbs you are going to be using within the lighting fixtures. The different bulbs you use can affect the type and style of your lighting fixture. This can also affect other things such as the energy consumption of the lights in your house and maintenance needed as the years go by.


Size of furniture, like lights can make a huge difference when it comes to making your home look good. Getting that good balance of size of your lighting fixtures can ensure that your lighting fixture looks harmonious.


As with most, if not all furniture or home fixtures, budget is important when it comes to making a decision. Your budget can affect size and quantity of lighting fixtures in the home, and even affect the type of lighting. Most importantly, factor in other miscellaneous costs when it comes to getting new lighting fixtures, such as installation!


The Help You Need

Getting new and suitable lighting fixtures in the home can be an extremely stressful and tedious process. From choosing the ones you want, to thinking about things like size, shape and colour. Take all the work out of the equation by letting us help you light up your home!