InteriorWhat Feng Shui Has To Do With Interior Design

What Feng Shui Has To Do With Interior Design

There are many rules when it comes to interior design and people study many years to become interior designers. However, what people may not realise is that Feng Shui actually plays a bigger role in interior design than most think. Here are some ways that Feng Shui can actually affect interior design.

Commanding Positions

One of the more essential theories of Feng Shui, it presents the idea that pieces of furniture represent different things in your life. For example, your bed is a representation of you, your desk is a representation of your career, and your stove is a representation of your wealth. So while it may not be practical to move your entire stove, moving smaller things like your desk may give you a better position to receive positive energy for your career.

Vertical Positioning

A rule of Feng Shui states that adding more vertical lines or shapes in your home represents growth and expansion. You can do this by adding taller pieces of furniture such as cupboards or bookshelves. You can also do it in simpler ways such as adding a tall accent plant to the room.

Neat and Tidy

Another way that Feng Shui affects interior design would be the layout of the space you are in. It is believed that clutter takes up the space that the new, incoming energy, also known as Chi, could occupy. This is why rooms that have more open spaces are better as they are easier to keep clean.


According to Chinese beliefs, metal is a good material to incorporate into your home as it helps with clarity, sharpness of thoughts and calming and balancing of energies. It also helps to improve productivity. You can incorporate this into your home with the types of furniture you use, like coffee tables with metal frames. You can even incorporate it in smaller ways such as small sculptures or decorative bowls.


In Feng Shui, circles and rounded shapes are favoured around the house as they represent metals. However, you should also include a variety of shapes and other geometric forms to maximise balance and harmony. Shapes usually represent different elements of nature, with squares representing earth, triangles representing fire and rectangles representing wood.

The Help You Need

Feng Shui is something that is important in all of our lives. After all, who doesn’t need balance and prosperity? However, not everyone takes Feng Shui into consideration when designing a home. If you are someone who wants to take that step to incorporating it in your home, let us help you with your design needs!