InteriorTop 5 Durable Wall Finishings
Top 5 Durable Wall Finishings

Top 5 Durable Wall Finishings

Maintaining walls is usually a whole day process; you have to remove any dust, dirt and stains from the wall, take care of any damage on it and repaint it, the list goes on. However, choosing a durable wall finish when you first get the house is something you can do to reduce the labour that is needed as the years go by. Read on for a list of our top 5 durable wall finishes that you can use for your own home!

Ceramic Tile

One of the most common wall finishes, ceramic tiles are common for a reason. Ceramic tiles are not only extremely durable however they are extremely versatile. The possibilities with ceramic tiles are endless, with it coming in many different shapes and finishes. Ceramic tiles are definitely the way to go if you want the best of both worlds! Ceramic tiles are one of our favorite durable wall finishings.

Wood Paneling

If you want the look of wood without the maintenance, wood paneling may be a good option for you. Similar to ceramic tiles, wood paneling is very durable and has a variety of styles and options to choose from. Wood paneling is also versatile in terms of colours and textures, and will save you the task of having to maintain wood floors.

Metal Tile

A trend that is quickly making its way to the forefront of interior design are metal and tin tiles. They are a good and durable option for your walls. Tin tiles can be used in a variety of styles to add contrast to your home but are most commonly used in kitchens or ceilings. They usually come in metallic colours and are very durable and can last a long time.

Wall Covering

If you want something easy and convenient yet durable, wall coverings are the best way to go. Like most of the options in this list, wall coverings are available in a wide variety of styles and colours and are extremely durable. The most common wall coverings include ones made of vinyl, rattan or bamboo. Alternatively, you can consider fabric wall coverings such as padded cushion walls and fluted panels.

Faux Stone

For an earthy or rustic look to your home, you might want to consider faux stone. You can commonly find them in places like a hallway or living room where there is higher traffic. They also come in a variety of styles and colours and will add contrast to modern and sleek types of furniture. Not to mention, they are extremely long lasting as well. Faux stone is one of our popular durable wall finishings amongst our customers!

The Help You Need

Choosing the wall finish for your needs can be daunting, especially with the endless options that you can choose from. Take out all the guesswork and let us choose the perfect wall finish according to your wants and needs! Contact us today for a complimentary non obligatory consultation and follow us on social media to get updated with our latest works and news.