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modern luxury interior design

5 Modern Luxury Interior Design Ideas

When thinking of the words “modern luxury”, there are many possibilities that come to mind. In most cases, people would probably think of a place that looks rich and fancy, somewhere that shows off wealth and status. However, most people would probably struggle to think of a specific design element that would make their home exude that modern luxury feel. If you are one of them, here are some elements which you can incorporate into your home for that modern luxury interior design style!

One of the biggest trends in interior design at the moment, arches are the best way to give your home an expensive feel. Best of all, you can incorporate them in many different ways, such as walkways, display shelves, mirrored cabinets and glass doors. You can also incorporate in smaller ways such as having kitchen islands or tables with rounded, arched edges. You can also have the arches in things like bathroom mirrors. These arches give your home a regal and elegant feel, adding to the theme of a modern luxury interior design.

Bold Furniture

Modern luxury design usually calls for some simple, yet bold pieces of furniture. Some examples of this could include coffee tables with steel or metal framework, high back dining chairs or even beds with upholstered headboards. These pieces are simple, yet bold due to their unique elements and will give your house that modern feel you are looking for.

Colour Scheme

As with all interior design, there has to be a solid colour scheme that matches the feel and vibe of your theme. In a modern luxury theme, there are two elements to it that you can consider using. For the modern aspect, colours that can be used would be neutral colours such as black, white, taupe and grey. For the luxurious aspect, suitable colours could be bolder colours like red, purple, emerald and gold. When it comes to combining these two aspects, it would be good to start with a base of neutral colours, with the luxurious colours coming in as accents.

Clean and Tidy

For a modern luxury theme, less is more. This means that less clutter and more empty space would suit the theme well. You can do this by choosing furniture that is essential to the room. For example, in a bedroom you can have a bed, a closet and one other essential piece, such as a desk. You should space out these essential pieces so that there is balance. It makes your space look clean without it being too empty.

Natural Elements

If you are someone who wants a modern luxury theme, but feel like it can be too industrial-looking, this is the tip for you! You can add on to the modern luxury theme by using some natural elements, such as stone, granite or marble. These elements can be incorporated into almost every piece of furniture in your house and can bring some warmth to an otherwise cold house.

The help you need

Achieving a modern luxury look for your house can be pretty daunting, especially because of the many possibilities there are to it. If you are someone who is looking for this style for your house, take all the guesswork out of it by letting us take care of your home!

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