InteriorHow to make a room look bigger

How to make a room look bigger

There are tons of lovely things to appreciate living in this safe and vibrant city, but small rooms are most definitely not one of them. While some of us already have the luxury of waking up on a queen-sized bed, and walking over to the other corner of the room to a computer desk, many have to settle with a smaller bed, and a desk that barely accommodates their laptop.

And it’s impractical to simply “move out to a bigger home” in this expensive land we live in, so here are some tips the designers at ARKee have curated to make your room look, and feel bigger.

  1. Keep it white and light

The beauty of white colours goes beyond just a peaceful vibe and an elegant atmosphere. Another perk of this bright colour is one that you may be elated to know, that is its ability to ‘open up’ a room, creating a wide and spacious room. In a more theoretical explanation, it’s known as the Irradiation Illusion, which is something we really don’t have to get into, but it essentially proves that lighter areas always appear bigger than a darker counterpart.

  1.  Emphasize on either Vertical or Horizontal lines

By placing emphasis on either direction on your walls, you’ll create a sense of openness, and feeling of movement. By doing so, your eyes now have an easier time ‘travelling’ from corner to corner, with your room now appearing wider, taller, and bigger than before.

Now that we’ve got the room ‘feeling bigger’, how can we actually make our rooms physically bigger? Hacking down the walls is an option, but not something we have to commit ourselves to. Instead, you’re going to have to make some mini compromises.

  1. Clear the pathways

Move furniture out from walkways to make your room feel opened and more spacious. Sometimes, that may mean you may have to settle with a smaller cabinet, computer desk and (fingers crossed), hopefully not a downsize to your mattress and bed too.

  1. Organise the Clutter

In certain cases, your rooms are bigger than you think, only that it has been infested with trophies, figurines, plush toys and clothes. Spend a day or two to get them neatly organised in shelves or glass cabinets, somewhere your eyes won’t immediately notice upon stepping into the room. By doing so, you should see your room transform.

  1. Coordinate colours

Choosing appropriate and similar tones of colours for your furniture and walls is a great way to create a sense of space. Conversely, contrasting colours of furniture will only break up spaces and leave your room feeling smaller than it should be.

  1. Use Light Fabrics

Light fabrics such as linen on your curtains for example, will allow your room to be airier, and lighter. Moreover, these see-through fabrics that allow natural light into your room are also going to be to your advantage.

Wish to make your room bigger, but unsure of where to start? Seek advice from the professionals at ARKee today!